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Dome Camera

Experience a new level of clarity with this 4mp dome tpe security camera. It is capable of recording a 2K pixel resolution of 2688 x 1520 at 20 frames-per-second (FPS). This resolution offers superior quality video for seeing fine details. The higher amount of pixels will also allow for greater digital zooms so you can see further into the distance. This security camera also uses a wide 90° angle lens that is perfect for security applications warranting large areas to be covered

Wireless Camera

WirelessCamera_CoCoNET IT Solutions Chalissery

Powerful high-speed video protocol processor.
Optimized MJPEG video compression for transmission.Multi-level users management and passwords definition. Embedded Web Server for users to visit by IE, Support wireless network (Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g)  mobile two way audio, Support multiple network protocols: HTTP/TCP/IP/UDP/STMP/DDNS/SNTP/DHCP/FTP

Bullet Camera

The security camera is manufactured to be fully weatherproof. Rated IP66 waterproof, your 2K security camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. It is able to withstand the most unforgiving climates so you can count on all-season security monitoring that never stops working. With versatile ceiling or wall mounting options.

Night Vision Bullet Camera

The network bullet security camera will bring a whole new level of detail and clarity to your home or business surveillance needs. This Super HD security camera is capable of recording double the resolution of 1080p thanks to the 4 megapixel image sensor at its core. It also comes with our innovative Color Night Vision™ (CNV) feature that will continue to deliver full-color video in low-light conditions. Leave nothing to the imagination and gain that crucial peace-of-mind you need with this top-of-the-line 2K security camera