CCTV Sales,Services

Whether it’s your business or home, it is essential to keep them safe from any threats. You cannot keep your eyes on every activity, but a CCTV Camera can do it for you. This technology has given us the power of surveillance which not only helps in keeping a watch but also reduces the chances of any mishaps as anyone will think twice before doing something illicit due to the presence of a CCTV Camera. There are various alternatives available in the market such as an Analog CCTV, IP cameras, wireless cameras, PTZ camera, DVRs, wired CCTV Camera etc. from which you can select as per your requirement. But with passing time you will need CCTV maintenance and repair services as issues can arise at any time.

Computer Repair Services

Our working conditions have changed with time. Computers have given us liberty from paperwork of bookkeeping, photo albums, writing and maintaining records, etc. The list can go on forever. It presented a more efficient method of organizing all your work in just a single gadget. Now we depend upon these devices entirely. But every innovation has some benefits and some drawbacks too. In case of computers, there can be situations where you can lose data. System failure can happen due to hardware and software issues. Our technicians offers you repair services which can retrieve your data and can fix the device within minimum time